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Frequently obsessed. Endlessly Curious.

Jeffrey Lukes

About me

Hello! My name is Jeff Lukes. I am a designer, writer, photographer, and strategist based in Denver, Colorado. I focus on brand positioning and cultural development for organizations that strive to have a positive impact in their communities, engaging their stakeholders courageously and consistently. My experience spans states, countries, and a couple of continents as well as a couple of decades. I am constantly curious, always learning, and can’t stop thinking about how creativity can change the world.


Branding & Design

I have worked on branding projects for small local and fortune 500 companies. Since 2007, I have owned and operated See Saw Creative, a branding studio in Denver, Colorado. Starting out as a graphic design studio, I like to think that it has evolved into a cultural consultancy, helping brands succeed by uncovering their “why” and guiding them on how to tell their story both externally and internally.

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My obsession with photography began early in life, thanks to my dad. My professional career started with street and fashion photography in Seattle and transitioned to food and product photography. The following links aren’t portfolios as much as a place to post and reflect on photos I’ve shot over the years. Don’t try to find any structure, rhyme, or reason…just enjoy. (or not)

Things I Have Shot

People I Have Shot

Endlessly Curious.

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